Thursday, 22 May 2008

About Me

  • I am a Hindu brahmin birth.
  • I use a title not a surname.
  • I am from Durgapur...but Calcutta is as familiar to me as my hometown.
  • I want to make it really big in my life but have very meagre means.
  • I am poor at academics.
  • I like tea very much and cant start a day without it.
  • I am not internet banking is not enabled.
  • I love my parents....but nowadays I live for 2 people ...and they are not my parents.
  • I have very few friends....I am really poor at making friends...even poorer than my academics ...but the friends I do have...they are the world to me.
  • I respect the company with which I work...Joydev has a long association with it.
  • Joydev is religion to me.
  • Tagore is literature to me...Satyajit ray is cinema to me...I cant go beyond this....and I think the combination is electrifying....I dont know whether you get this type of a combination anywhere else in the world.
  • I dont think there can be a better city than Calcutta....though I have seen very less.
  • I am proud to be a Xaverian...I think so far I have lived up to the expectation.
  • I hate pimples....I suffered a lot because of those....
  • I miss my Hero was really a sweetheart.
  • Off late I am gaining some weight....and popularity among the fairer sex too.Once upon a time I didnt even interact with friends know.
  • I am not what I wanted to be....but I dont know how to become what I want to be.
  • At the end of the day...if there is anything such...I am happy with myself.