Thursday, 22 May 2008

About Me

  • I am a Hindu brahmin birth.
  • I use a title not a surname.
  • I am from Durgapur...but Calcutta is as familiar to me as my hometown.
  • I want to make it really big in my life but have very meagre means.
  • I am poor at academics.
  • I like tea very much and cant start a day without it.
  • I am not internet banking is not enabled.
  • I love my parents....but nowadays I live for 2 people ...and they are not my parents.
  • I have very few friends....I am really poor at making friends...even poorer than my academics ...but the friends I do have...they are the world to me.
  • I respect the company with which I work...Joydev has a long association with it.
  • Joydev is religion to me.
  • Tagore is literature to me...Satyajit ray is cinema to me...I cant go beyond this....and I think the combination is electrifying....I dont know whether you get this type of a combination anywhere else in the world.
  • I dont think there can be a better city than Calcutta....though I have seen very less.
  • I am proud to be a Xaverian...I think so far I have lived up to the expectation.
  • I hate pimples....I suffered a lot because of those....
  • I miss my Hero was really a sweetheart.
  • Off late I am gaining some weight....and popularity among the fairer sex too.Once upon a time I didnt even interact with friends know.
  • I am not what I wanted to be....but I dont know how to become what I want to be.
  • At the end of the day...if there is anything such...I am happy with myself.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The Hostel Cab

It is my friend since 1999....just after I took the thats a long association..isnt it? It used to be my partner to my tuitions and among my cirle of friends it was the only vehicle then.Naturally it had a lot of responsibilities.Often it took the load of "triply"(carrying 3 persons as we called it)of me,Suvro and Apratim to varied destinations.That is the story of then.After that I joined Dr.B.C.Roy engineering college and it was my dearest companion again.But more than ever it so happened that it was no more just a companion of mine but was the official vehicle of the "Satyen Bose Hall of Residence for Boys".It was used by almost all my friends who were close to me and many others who weren't. It was the pivotal factor in organising any party...a normal one or a "booze n dope" one. It contributed the most in the last sem when it was a neccesity to many.Raktim...a batchmate of mine of CS deptt. ...whom I knew not much till last sem...became a good friend of mine while he borrowed my moped for the first time.The "G" grup going to bring stuff...again it is the vehicle.Atanu comes to me and asks for it...says I will refuel ur moped ....goes toJemua for stuff.At 11:30 P.M....people need more booze...have to go to Mahalaxmi..again it is the lifeline.I think i am not exagerrating a bit...and its sure that this blog would have been written better by those who availed it more than me...cheerz dear!!! Though its no more with me...I miss u sweetheart...hope u r fine whereever u r.

Oh Calcutta!!

Though I am a hardcore Durgapurian Kolkata has always occupied a central position in my life. Kolkata has been a part n parcel of my life for long.As a child I used to visit Kolkata with my parents ...obviously to my Uncle's place (Chotokakur bari) or to "Jethur bari".I dontremember those trips much except for the fact that in those days I used to visit either the Zooor Victoria,or Birla Planaterium.But off late I started to move to Kolkata on my own....after myplus 2 to be specific.Really one thing I need to confess ...Kolkata has always been a home away from home to me.I think Kolkata is perhaps the most wonderful city on earth....(though I have not witnessed much except a few big cities of India).Her charisma makes me intoxicatedjust as as the sweet smell of earth after the first shower.When I reach the Howrah station by train and then come out of the station to board a bus of Behala Chowrasta I feel a lot of avenues are opening up in front of me....the spectacular site of the Howrah bridge makes me think big its magnitude..and the view of the skyline of the city beyond the horizon of the river Hoogly sends a chill down my spine.Then as the bus reaches theWriters building I could well guess Calcutta's stature and importance that she enjoyed during theBritish Raj, as the capital of India. The bus then moves ahead leaving the grand Raj Bhawaqn on its right and Chowrangee on the left.Just then the magnificient peice of architecture ...the Victoria Memorialfloats in front of my eyes...the more I see it the more I am surprised.The bus then leaving therace course on its right zoooms into the Belvedere road with the Taj Bengal on the left and the zoo on the right.I see the National library gates in the front ...still to be proud of the fact that she enjoysbeing the cultural capital even now.The bus then takes the Diamond Harbour Road...a road very near to my heart.The double laned road with the tram lines on the divider is a thing I am nostalgic about.This road takes me to my destination.....Behala Chowrasta.This place in Kolkata has been my destination from the begining.Kolkata has witnessed all ups and downs of my life ...say the Roorkee Entrance Exam to the Joint entrancecounselling to the CAT examination.Always she has been with me...even during the most recent Reliance episode.Not just in the acads front....I cant ignore those trips to Calcutta with Suvro...those movies in Lighthouse...that episode where me,Suvro and Apratim were denied of drinks in the lighthousebar,that year ending celebrationsin Park Street...with Chatu,Osama and the three of us,those adda at Nandan...and so much more yaaar I cant type so muchSeee u next time...cheerz!!

In an astrological catastrophe..

Thinking of something supernatural always sends a chill down my spine...may not besomething related to ghosts..or for that matter horror movies..say of the likes..'Exhorcist'...or for that matter 'EvilDead'..may be 'Ring' also..but I dont agreeto the proposition that only horror movies can send a chill down the spine...they canonly take away your sleep at night...they can only make u think of facing a bizzare in ur life...they can only make u take the name of Jesus...they can only make u think that there's darkness all around...they can only make u think thats the end of neverit is not so simple.There are bigger horror movies in your own life than the best produced in Hollywood...the outcomes here are gloomier than those potrayed in perhaps the best.An abstract topic which i am dealing with ..isnt it?? am I mad.. I dunno but its which context??...perhaps life..Do u believe in astrology??? I do..ask me why??...I have many answers..its not vague..or dont think all is same as the story.."An astrologer's day" by R.K.Narayan. There's something in it that can define its co-incidences but facts which can be well interpreted.There are some horrifying as well as magical incidents that happen in life which cant be defined by the normal thought process.Do u think it is possible for someone to predict when u will suffer from some sort of skin disease..or when u will have a hay fever...yessss is the answer...not by just a guess but by calculations which are quite scientific and mathematical just like 2+2=4. Leave the big issues of life likejobs and marriage and for that matter death...even people can predict accurately when u will have a backache.But I am here not to establish astrology as a branch of mainstream science...then why am I saying all those find out what makes all these things happen...why do we indulge in a deed(most of the time unknowingly)and then have to repent for the action...who makes these things happen...there's an unseen force ..I do believe..u may or may not...check out in your own lives...I presume most of us would like to re-live our lives in a more methodical and planned way...may be I am wrong for those who are more than just fortunate.


Before any other posting I have tocomplete this assignment....Suvro tagged meSeven things I want to do before I die
1. Want to be Osama Bin Laden for a day.
2. Want to visit the seven wonders of the world with my girlfriend(when i get one).
3. Want to crush grapes to make wine.
4. Want to own a house on the billionaires street in London(perhaps be the next doornieghbour of L N Mittal).
5. Want to be on the Titanic with Kate Winslet as my girlfriend.
6. Want to analyse the Budget speech on the Budget day on a leading television channel.
7. Want to be Avik again in the next life with the same people around me

Seven things I can do
1. Sit in front of the internet the whole night.
2. Prepare a joint after 4 pegs of vodka.
3. Make maggi,tea and some other small stuff in the kitchen.
4. Can take a bath at 4 A.M. in the month of January.
5. Ride my vicky(moped Hero puch) for nonstop 30 kms.
6. Can organise events quite efficiently.
7. Can speak a hell lot of english after 3 pegs of anything.

Seven things I say the most
1. Lagao(mod mangso)
2. Load to..
3. Huuu Haaa
4. ok fine
5. Bawali hochhe
6. Chal peace..
7. Chal byee

Seven things I cant do
1. Flirt with a girl.
2. Clean my room
3. Think and shag
4. Drink more than 5 pegs comfortably
5. Do coding in C language
6. Disobey my mother
7. Get annoyed with my brother for long

Seven things that atrract me to the opposite sex
1. Eyes
2. Nature
3. Smile
4. Figure
5. Dressing sense
6. Hair style
7. Sense of humour

Seven celebrity crushes
1. Penelope Cruz
2. Salma Hayek
3. Aiswarya Rai
4. Juhi Chawla
5. Sania Mirza
6. Suchitra Sen
7. Riya Sen

Seven people I want to tag
1. Apratim Sen
2. Shreyasi Ghosh
3. Nishita Banerjee
4. Subhrangshu Mandal(Osama)
5. Suvojit Chaterjee
6. Aveek Banerjee
7. Indradeep Saha .

My first trip to Kgp

It was the month of January and I was in the 4th sem at that time when I went to the IIT kharagpurcampus for the first time to attend the Spring festival .We obvioously had prior invitation by Suvro and ofcourse the festgod(later I will tell u why)Osama.Actually it was not so well planned but at the eleventh hour I arranged the trip with Apratim(my old pal) and we roped in Chatu and a guy called Arindam who is Apratim's college friend.The next day(it was a Friday) wereached Calcutta by a local train.We were a bit late but the bengali resturant in Gariahat was still open for us.We had a hearty dinner and really we were very hungry too at that time.Then we reached Apratim'sflat and after sometime Chatu arrived.We had a round of "g" and then happened the Radhika Pandey episode which I wont describe here.The next morning we boarded a train to Kharagpur from Howrah and the four of us reached kgp at around 3 P.M. At the station we had a warm welcome since Suvro was standing thereto recieve us.We started getting a notion of the glamour of the fest as some other colleges from Calcutta had also arrived and we got to see some real babes.After that we boarded a bus of the Instituteand moved on towards the campus.When we reached the gate of the fest arena we found Osama standing in front of the main gate.We got down from the bus and instead of dealing with formalities like registering and stuff we straightaway took the keys of Osama's room (since his hall of residence was nearer to the fest arena than that of Suvro's) and headed for it.As we entered his room(really a typical one with atleast 50 empty packs of suttas all around and atleast 10 books on the monitor of the computer) we found a bottle of 8 P.M. whiskey displayed in his cabinet. Without a minute's delay I pounced on it and started from the bottle itself(as u cant expect a glass in Osama's room).After some refreshments we headed towardsthe fest arena but to get inside it in the evening was a difficulty b'coz we didnt register ourselveswith 200 bucks and the que outside the main arena gate was really long.But there was nothing to worry about much b'coz Osama was there u see...we bypassed all securities and hurdles and we were in the open air theatre quite comfortably.We even carried suttas with us inside the TOAT which was a strict no no.Suvro was accompanying us inside the TOAT but Osama cudnt since he was in a much more responsible position in the fest.The first artist to perform that day was Neeraj of Bombay Vikings.To tell the truth we were least concerned about whos performing and how he is ...we were mast in ourselves..we were there to enjoy with our friends (the closest circle of course) and not to cheer up the guest artist.After that performed KK whom I had already seen in my college(actually Osama got the contact of KK from my college only).Anywayz these things were really immaterial for us.After all these performances we came out of the TOAT and met other friends of dgp like Rajarshi,Sagarnil and some others.We met a guy called Nilu Maity who was Suvro's friend and this guy was a real 'bawal'.He was with a scooter and went to Billimoria(the nearest liquor shop) to get the booze for that night's party.We all moved towards Suvro's hall which wasPatel hall of residence.There we had our dinner of maggi and egg toast and all the bills were forwarded to Suvro's account.Then we slowly moved towards the Nehru hall which was the venue of our party(it was Rajarshi's hall).As we entered the hall we met a guy called Satrajit Kar (they used to call him Stud kar) who happens to be a very good friend of mine.Actually he is the first friend of my life which is a different story which I will tell later.At first he cudnt recognise me b'coz he was under the effect of BS.But when he did he embraced me and said "chal amar ghare aai"..and indeed we had our party in Satrajit's room.There I met another guy Soumyajyoti who was Satrajit's room-mate.This guy was a real charming one with a very pleasant personality and a nice attitude.After having 3 pegs of vodka we all decided to roam around in the campus and watch the real hot babes.we started real bawali on the road by passing comments and doing all sorts of wierd nuisance.Then we reached one of the resturants in the campus called Harry'sHere we found Osama...after a tiring day he was there for a cup of coffee.He embraced us and we sat together around a table for a cup of coffee. After a chat there for sometime he suggested us to retire to his room.We agreed and then in his room we again had 2 pegs of whisky after which we were really out.After some more masti in Osama's room we were again out on the roads at arond 2A.M. and did all sorts of bawali from passing comments on babes to shout at the rikshawwallas.We again retired to Osamas room when it was 3:30 A.M.Then started the rounds of 'g' and bhat...and I dont know how long it went on since I fell asleep without my own knowledge.When I woke up the next morning it was 9 A.M. and I found Apratim Sen is preparing to leave since he had some urgency.I stayed backwithSuvro and decided that we will leave together for durgapur on Sunday since Monday was Saraswati puja.The day passed quite casually ...we took a survey of the whole campus with Suvro as our guide.We took a stroll down to the Hijlijail and visited the different departments.We also attended a seminar and some quiz competition in the Raman Auditorium.The special event that evening was the fashion extravaganza.Here something very funny happened...that evening it was very crowdy.A lot of other colleges had arrived and the ques were really very long.There was a mess all around.We were only two of us with Suvro ,Chatu and me.He somehow managed to get us in the arena and he instructed us to follow him...his plan was that he will take us into the TOAT through his hall gate.But everything went wrong here.He bypassed the line for us but at the gate he managed to get in since he was wearing a batch and we were stopped.I called him but he cudnt hear.We were helpless and the other volus at the gate turned us down.We came back to the control tent andChatu did an excellent job...he sent a message to Osama saying that we cudnt get inside...but wondered whether he will react to the sms or not since he was very busy.We were standing hopelessly when we saw Osama coming from inside the TOAT. We ran towards him...and said Suvro has failedTo our utter surprise he took us into the TOAT through the VIP gate(for the professors).This is where we realised that this is not thatSubhranshu Mondal whom we meet everyday in Joydev.Anywayz that night history repeated itself..we boozed ..had vitamin g...passed comments...roamed about till 2 at night...The next morning I and Suvro left for Dgp and Chatu for Kolkata.Osama bade us goodbye.....The trip is still very fresh in my mind and perhaps will always be....adieu frnds


Joydev....the name itself is self-explanatory to them who knows about it and for those who are not aquainted with Joydev I am helping them to know about it. Actually it is our coveted "thek".We have a long association with Joydev.Its existence was therebut I became a part of it when I was homeless and hopeless.It was a time when I had no school no college identity yaar...but then I was a Joydevian.Really it gave us (a few of them were there)a shelter which we will remember for the whole of our lives.That one year was enough to make Joydev a part and parcel of my life.Then our lives moved on with many different shades but Joydev occupied the central position.It became our second home.People giving missed calls means they r at Joydev...such is the situationSuvro has come from Kharagpur and giving missed calls means he is waiting for us at Joydev.It is the place were we have committed some of the deadliest of sins...shared some of our darkest of secrets...had adda sessions for long hours.Joydev is much more than just a "thek" to us.People are drunk as skunks in the "Pathik bar"...where will they go now??Ofcourse Joydev.It reminds us of many things...those endless suttas..those rounds of 'g'...those games of 29...those matches of cricket..those colors of holi..those moments of ecstasy...those clouds of frustration...those 'singaras'...those expressions of Chatu...those fundas of Osama...those 'bhats' of Indranath...those 'dabis' of G Sen...those bowling without a ball of Indradeep...those intellects of Suvro..and of course those frustrations of mine...actually much more than these that take to make a Joydev.We really hope that someday our mobile phone screen says....its 'JOYDEV'..

My college days

Last few days left of my college life engineering college of course...when i took admission to Dr.B.C.Roy engineering college in Durgapur I was not that satisfied to be there.Anyway life started and went on with a normal pace.First semester...nothing much happened except some ghastly experiences of ragging but it was not so severe for thenon hostelites like me.I was ragged in the hostel for only one day but not that severely as others in the hostel were.But during the first semester i witnessed the college festival for the first time.It was a 2 days extravanganza called "Zeal".The trilling part was that it was for the first time for me and i enjoyed it quite a lot.Bangla band "chandrabindoo" was there as the guest performer and we liked their numbers a lot....Ajkalkar meyegulo sob smart..tara pore tola kata mini skirt..ahhhhhhhhhh such satisfaction..guess why!!!!The environment of the fest was just like Anand Vihar puja pandal with our school life seniors Haju,Ashok, old frnds like Apratim..and of course my frnds of new college...really one guy is very true...'those were the best days of my life".......Then came the first semester examswe were prepared and it went quite cool..After a not so much happening winter vacation started the second semester classes.I forgot to mention one thing the first semester our department was divided into 4 parts and we had our classes with Electrical department.But from the second semester onwards our department got together and we started knowing our dept guys i need to mention something about SS.whatever may be the reasonI liked this girl(not love at first sight...but liking at first sight)..I guess she liked me too..just liked okkkkkk..I wont say I had a crush on her but enjoyed talking to her and spending time with her...maybe b'coz she was the first girl with whom i started spending a lot of time.Nothing much happened in this semester just life moved on as usual...and its still is...see u guys next time on a new episode byebye