Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy new year

Some highlights of my life in the year 2010

1. Operation smile...this happened in February 2010 it happened because of my friend Abhisek. I went to Guwahati to be a part of the medical mission for surgeries of facial deformities of under priviledged children.

2. Appeared on Bangalore times Page 3.

3. Had an amazing trip to Goa with almost everybody of Joydev.

4. Again appeared on Calcutta times Page 3.

5. Had an amazing trip to Bombay where appeared for an interview of J P Morgan Chase. Important to me as it was my first commendable venture in the financial capital of the country.

6. Got 3 job offers and finally joined IBM as Growth Markets Unit business lead.

7. Had an amazing trip to Calcutta , Durgapur, Jaipur . My dearest friend Suvro got married in Jaipur in style(more on this on my next blog "Aaj meri yaar ki shaadi hai".

8. Another friend Sourojit got married in Kolkata whose marriage I couldn't attend. My sincere apologies to him for that but my best wishes are always with him.

Significant year....but lots more in store ahead . See you all soon. Happy new year

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


On any of the week days when you come in front of the Madhapur petrol pump you will hear scrores of auto rickshaw drivers shouting….Hitech Hitech Hitech….I am sure you will be confused of whom to respond and in which auto to sit. This is where from my journey begins in Hyderabad.Its been a roller coaster ride all through and a journey which I will remember forever.
I reached Hyderabad on the 14th of January,07 to join Accenture the next day. Bading good bye to Bangalore I landed Hyderabad where my friend Sudipto was waiting for me at the airport.Since then my destination has been Hitech City,Madhapur ,Hyderbad 500081. Joining a gigantic MNC like Accenture was of course an exiting event for me and everything went quite fine on the first day of the induction program which was held at a five star hotel called Khatriya Towers in Somajiguda. On the first day itself I made a few friends whose association I am cherishing even now. A person whom I befriended on that day was Swastik and he is the person with whom I have spent the bulk of my time during my stay in Hyderabad.
Coming back to Accenture…my office was in an IT park called Raheja Mindspace in Hitech city. Going to the office was quite thrilling initially as it was a real transition for me from “campus to corporate”. My first project was a project called LPO for which I had to go to the Microsoft campus in Hyderabad and during this time I hardly used to meet Swastik or Diksha(another good friend of mine in office).

In Madhapur I was staying with four other guys ….Sudipto and Soumyadipto (my friends from Durgapur) and Partha Da and Ankur whom I came to know once I arrived at Hyderabad. But after barely 2 months Sudipto left for Pune and I was left a bit alone by myself as he was the closest friend among all four of them. But life continued though I was not very happy with my stay in Hyderabad and used to miss Bangalore a lot. In between I made a few trips to Kolkata in the first 6 months of my stay as I used to miss my parents,Durgapur and Calcutta a lot.In August I went to Bombay for a weekend trip to meet my friends there and just after that something very favourable happened to me which changed my life in Hyderabad. Chatu …a very dear friend of mine…a true Joydevian… a job with UBS in Hyderabad. He shifted to Hyderabad from Kolkata in September ,2007 and we (me and Chatu) shifted to a new place in Kondapur (just a couple of kilometers away from Madhapur) bading good bye to my good for nothing room mates of whom I was tired of. But the only person whom I liked among my previous roomies was Partha da…a character worth remembering. He was non-veg…..meaning non-veg…..i.e. he doesn’t eat veg.He hates vegetables and doesn’t even touch them. When we prepared chicken at home…..600 gms for 3 of us and remaining 600gms for Partha da alone. He is the only person I know till date who became fatter after joining the office gym to loose weight.Why you know….after working out for 2 hours he used to feel very hungry and used to eat thrice the quantity he usually consumed.
It was October,2007 when we shifted to this new house at Kondapur…a 2BHK but the hall was just big enough to keep a shoe rack and a stool sitting on which we could wear our shoes. Apart from that there was a wash basin above which we hung a mirror essential for us to have a shave. The kitchen was decent enough and we got a small gas oven enough to prepare food for the two of us. The kitchen was well arranged with utensils both which we bought from Big Bazar in Hyderabad and some which I got from Durgapur(both from mine and Chatu’s home). The kitchen used to be always well stuffed with ready to eats like maggi and jam and biscuits as well as rice and dal and raw vegetables. My stay in Hyderabad became much more comfortable and thrilling than before. We together did a lot of shopping and really worked hard to make our stay in Hyderabad comfortable.
In that very month of October I went to Durgapur during the Durga pujas and returned to Hyderabad with my parents and brother along with me who were really impatient to see my new abode and my life in my home away from home. That trip was quite thrilling for all as we visited many places in Hyderabad and some places were new for even me. I took them all around in Hyderabad…from Madhapur to Hitech City…to my office, to Charminar,to Golconda fort ,to salarjung museum,to Paradise for biriyani and to some shopping malls as well. We had dinner in Olive Gardens( a very famous resturant in Hitech city) and siddiqui (which is famous for its grilled chicken and kababs and rumali rotis). I was more than delighted to see my family so happy,to see my parents cherishing the success of their son,to see my brother ecstatic with the video game CD that I bought for him.
Coming back to life in Hyderabad with Chatu…this journey has been the most exiting part of my stay in Hyderabad. The first day he came to Hyderbad to appear for the interview at UBS we had hit 10 Downing street ( a very popular disc in Hyderabd) with two more friends of his…Kinnor and Suparna…who later became very good friends of me as well. We had a wonderful time together during our stay at Kondapur as we used to have parties every weekend , used to go on long rides at night on the bike though I used to be very afraid when Chatu rode and I used to be the pillion. On one such misadventure we were atop a hillock from where the Golconda fort can be seen and we were doping there. It was past midnight and suddenly two policemen arrived with a bike and inquired about what we were upto so late at night. We tried to convince them that we were just smoking a cigerette and had no ill intentions and flashed our company id cards as well. Then they asked for the documents of the bike which we were not carrying. Just then I said that lets go to the poplicesatation where I will flash all the documents(I could say something like this just because I was high on alcohol). The policemen were startled as they might not have come across such a situation where a civilian is threating 2 policemen of taking them to the police station. Chatu managed the situation very well by convincing the policemen that we will not make mistakes in future.
During our stay in Hyderabad almost all our friends like Suvro,Indradeep,Aveek and Osama visited Hyderabad individually as well as in groups. These gettogethers had been amazing with lots of fun adventures like going to Magalhat to procure stuff, conquering Golconda fort(none other than Joydevians will ever understand this phrases and so I wont be able to write a book ever as nobody except 10 of us will understand), travelling in Bhatti’s car at 100 kms per hour with Bhatti driving after he had countless pegs of whisky at our place and so much and more. Now how can I miss the episode of Chatu kicking an auto while we were returning after a cocktail party from one of our friend’s place. As the auto driver didn’t respond to the horn Chatu was blowing while he was riding the bike at about 50 kms per hour, he kicked the hind part of an auto desparately asking its driver to make way for him, one of the passengers from inside was looking at us helplessly as he couldn’t understand why the auto is being kicked. Later from Kondapur we shifted to Madinaguda in a penthouse which was so exiting that we really fell in love with Hyderabad. I bought a television and Chatu bought a fridge and we were very comfortable and things were moving really well till I got this job with WNS Global Services and now shifting to Bangalore again.
There are numerous more incidents which can be described here but then that will be a book in itself.Today is my last working day at Accenture and with lots and lots of pleasant memories one of the most accenturous experiences of my life comes to an end. Tonight I will be leaving for Bangalore…my flight is at 8:35 PM. Its time to bade good bye to this rugged ,dusty, and the charming city of Hyderbad whose kababs and biriyanis will always occupy a central position in my life,the smell of whom will always tickle my taste buds.
I dedicate this blog to my dear friend Chatu whose friendship is being redifined by Hyderbad. This journey comes to an end but our bonding begins.You are a bro.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Nimma Bengaluru (My Bangalore)

Its been a long association between and Bangalore. Its been long that I visited this place for the first time. June,2002 . The first time I visited this place was to appear for the Karnataka CET to assure a seat for myself in an engineering college as already I had lost 1 year in my quest for technology. At that time I came with a group of students ,all of them engineering or medical aspirants like me who were guided by a coaching agency headed by a person called Mr.Burman.Mr. Burman also accompanied us to Bangalore with his wife which later turned out to be a holiday trip for him.But truthfully speaking it turned out to be a fun trip for me as well as apart from the desired destinations in Bangalore like MG road we covered Mysore, summer palace of Tipu sultan and Vrindavan gardens.Herein I should mention that my examination center was a pre University college located in 4th Block Jayanagar,Bangalore -11. Why I mentioned this is not a mystery …you will come to know about it very soon. Infact this trip to Bangalore was quite interesting as it was the first time that I was all alone by myself, I mean not accompanied by my parents. This trip served its purpose as well as I could secure a rank in CET ,a rank decent enough to secure an admission to any of the private engineering colleges in Bangalore. But since later I secured a rank in WBJEE as well the CET rank went null and void as I made up my mind to stick to Bengal for my higher education. But nevertheless Bangalore gave me the first break after my abject failure in the year 2001 when I could not even secure a rank in WBJEE and had to lose one year.
I joined Dr.B.C.Roy engineering college in Durgapur and pursued my technology degree with lots of ups and downs. But alas I could not make my way through in any of the campus and pooled campus placements that my college organized. So during the end of my final semester it was again a state of abject misery for me. Me as well as my parents were quite tensed because of the miserable situtaion I was in. After the final semester I moved to Kolkata and started searching for a job and targeted the software companies present in Salt Lake sector 5 area. In this endeavour of mine I was accompanied by a friend of mine called Niloy who was also searching for a job. But it was labour lost in vain. I was waiting for the final semester results and meanwhile sketched a plan of moving to Bangalore to search for a job as it was well know that there are plenty of jobs in the technology capital of the country. Right then my friend Aveek told me that he will be joining Accenture in Bangalore. I planned with him that as soon as he shifts to an accomodation of his own I will be going to Bangalore and stay with him to look for a job.Another very dear friend of mine,Osama (Subhranshu) was also in Bangalore as he was pursuing his MBA degree in IIM Bangalore. He also encouraged me to do the same and offered me of every possible help which I may require. After collecting all my marksheets and certificates from the college in the first week of August , I left for Bangalore on the 13th of August ,2006.I took a flight from Kolkata to Bangalore and it was my first journey by plane. It was an Air Deccan flight and with lots of apprehensions and skepticism I arrived at Bangalore to find my friend Aveek present there to receive me at the airport. The journey began and its still on…on …and on…….
I got my first job with a company called Hard Quest whose office was in 4th Block,Jayanagar, Bangalore -11. Coincidence or kismat connection …I am not very sure of. Then after 4 months I got a call for an off campus recruitment of Accenture which I cracked competing with almost 11 thousand candidates and about odd 100 were selected from them. But alas Accenture gave me a posting at Hyderabad….I was initially heartbroken as I had to leave Bangalore. I left ffor Hyderabad with many good memories of Bangalore…those parties with Aveek,Osama,Biswajit and Sritama….those cooking sessions at Biswajit’s place….those pub hopping at MG road and Brigade….those shopping sessions at BigBazar in Kormangla…those midnight bike rides to the Airport coffee shop Bagicha..those doping sessions at IIM B hostel at Osama’s room and many more. I started my journey in Hyderabad about which I will write sometime later. Its been two years and three months now that I am returning to Bangalore once more. I have manged to get a job with WNS Global Services where I will be working as a business analyst. Once again Bangalore helped me to break free from the shackles of the software industry. Once again looking forward to my life in Bangalore… they say it on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM … “Tension illa…enjoy mari”.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

About Me

  • I am a Hindu brahmin birth.
  • I use a title not a surname.
  • I am from Durgapur...but Calcutta is as familiar to me as my hometown.
  • I want to make it really big in my life but have very meagre means.
  • I am poor at academics.
  • I like tea very much and cant start a day without it.
  • I am not internet banking is not enabled.
  • I love my parents....but nowadays I live for 2 people ...and they are not my parents.
  • I have very few friends....I am really poor at making friends...even poorer than my academics ...but the friends I do have...they are the world to me.
  • I respect the company with which I work...Joydev has a long association with it.
  • Joydev is religion to me.
  • Tagore is literature to me...Satyajit ray is cinema to me...I cant go beyond this....and I think the combination is electrifying....I dont know whether you get this type of a combination anywhere else in the world.
  • I dont think there can be a better city than Calcutta....though I have seen very less.
  • I am proud to be a Xaverian...I think so far I have lived up to the expectation.
  • I hate pimples....I suffered a lot because of those....
  • I miss my Hero was really a sweetheart.
  • Off late I am gaining some weight....and popularity among the fairer sex too.Once upon a time I didnt even interact with friends know.
  • I am not what I wanted to be....but I dont know how to become what I want to be.
  • At the end of the day...if there is anything such...I am happy with myself.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The Hostel Cab

It is my friend since 1999....just after I took the thats a long association..isnt it? It used to be my partner to my tuitions and among my cirle of friends it was the only vehicle then.Naturally it had a lot of responsibilities.Often it took the load of "triply"(carrying 3 persons as we called it)of me,Suvro and Apratim to varied destinations.That is the story of then.After that I joined Dr.B.C.Roy engineering college and it was my dearest companion again.But more than ever it so happened that it was no more just a companion of mine but was the official vehicle of the "Satyen Bose Hall of Residence for Boys".It was used by almost all my friends who were close to me and many others who weren't. It was the pivotal factor in organising any party...a normal one or a "booze n dope" one. It contributed the most in the last sem when it was a neccesity to many.Raktim...a batchmate of mine of CS deptt. ...whom I knew not much till last sem...became a good friend of mine while he borrowed my moped for the first time.The "G" grup going to bring stuff...again it is the vehicle.Atanu comes to me and asks for it...says I will refuel ur moped ....goes toJemua for stuff.At 11:30 P.M....people need more booze...have to go to Mahalaxmi..again it is the lifeline.I think i am not exagerrating a bit...and its sure that this blog would have been written better by those who availed it more than me...cheerz dear!!! Though its no more with me...I miss u sweetheart...hope u r fine whereever u r.

Oh Calcutta!!

Though I am a hardcore Durgapurian Kolkata has always occupied a central position in my life. Kolkata has been a part n parcel of my life for long.As a child I used to visit Kolkata with my parents ...obviously to my Uncle's place (Chotokakur bari) or to "Jethur bari".I dontremember those trips much except for the fact that in those days I used to visit either the Zooor Victoria,or Birla Planaterium.But off late I started to move to Kolkata on my own....after myplus 2 to be specific.Really one thing I need to confess ...Kolkata has always been a home away from home to me.I think Kolkata is perhaps the most wonderful city on earth....(though I have not witnessed much except a few big cities of India).Her charisma makes me intoxicatedjust as as the sweet smell of earth after the first shower.When I reach the Howrah station by train and then come out of the station to board a bus of Behala Chowrasta I feel a lot of avenues are opening up in front of me....the spectacular site of the Howrah bridge makes me think big its magnitude..and the view of the skyline of the city beyond the horizon of the river Hoogly sends a chill down my spine.Then as the bus reaches theWriters building I could well guess Calcutta's stature and importance that she enjoyed during theBritish Raj, as the capital of India. The bus then moves ahead leaving the grand Raj Bhawaqn on its right and Chowrangee on the left.Just then the magnificient peice of architecture ...the Victoria Memorialfloats in front of my eyes...the more I see it the more I am surprised.The bus then leaving therace course on its right zoooms into the Belvedere road with the Taj Bengal on the left and the zoo on the right.I see the National library gates in the front ...still to be proud of the fact that she enjoysbeing the cultural capital even now.The bus then takes the Diamond Harbour Road...a road very near to my heart.The double laned road with the tram lines on the divider is a thing I am nostalgic about.This road takes me to my destination.....Behala Chowrasta.This place in Kolkata has been my destination from the begining.Kolkata has witnessed all ups and downs of my life ...say the Roorkee Entrance Exam to the Joint entrancecounselling to the CAT examination.Always she has been with me...even during the most recent Reliance episode.Not just in the acads front....I cant ignore those trips to Calcutta with Suvro...those movies in Lighthouse...that episode where me,Suvro and Apratim were denied of drinks in the lighthousebar,that year ending celebrationsin Park Street...with Chatu,Osama and the three of us,those adda at Nandan...and so much more yaaar I cant type so muchSeee u next time...cheerz!!

In an astrological catastrophe..

Thinking of something supernatural always sends a chill down my spine...may not besomething related to ghosts..or for that matter horror movies..say of the likes..'Exhorcist'...or for that matter 'EvilDead'..may be 'Ring' also..but I dont agreeto the proposition that only horror movies can send a chill down the spine...they canonly take away your sleep at night...they can only make u think of facing a bizzare in ur life...they can only make u take the name of Jesus...they can only make u think that there's darkness all around...they can only make u think thats the end of neverit is not so simple.There are bigger horror movies in your own life than the best produced in Hollywood...the outcomes here are gloomier than those potrayed in perhaps the best.An abstract topic which i am dealing with ..isnt it?? am I mad.. I dunno but its which context??...perhaps life..Do u believe in astrology??? I do..ask me why??...I have many answers..its not vague..or dont think all is same as the story.."An astrologer's day" by R.K.Narayan. There's something in it that can define its co-incidences but facts which can be well interpreted.There are some horrifying as well as magical incidents that happen in life which cant be defined by the normal thought process.Do u think it is possible for someone to predict when u will suffer from some sort of skin disease..or when u will have a hay fever...yessss is the answer...not by just a guess but by calculations which are quite scientific and mathematical just like 2+2=4. Leave the big issues of life likejobs and marriage and for that matter death...even people can predict accurately when u will have a backache.But I am here not to establish astrology as a branch of mainstream science...then why am I saying all those find out what makes all these things happen...why do we indulge in a deed(most of the time unknowingly)and then have to repent for the action...who makes these things happen...there's an unseen force ..I do believe..u may or may not...check out in your own lives...I presume most of us would like to re-live our lives in a more methodical and planned way...may be I am wrong for those who are more than just fortunate.