Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The Hostel Cab

It is my friend since 1999....just after I took the thats a long association..isnt it? It used to be my partner to my tuitions and among my cirle of friends it was the only vehicle then.Naturally it had a lot of responsibilities.Often it took the load of "triply"(carrying 3 persons as we called it)of me,Suvro and Apratim to varied destinations.That is the story of then.After that I joined Dr.B.C.Roy engineering college and it was my dearest companion again.But more than ever it so happened that it was no more just a companion of mine but was the official vehicle of the "Satyen Bose Hall of Residence for Boys".It was used by almost all my friends who were close to me and many others who weren't. It was the pivotal factor in organising any party...a normal one or a "booze n dope" one. It contributed the most in the last sem when it was a neccesity to many.Raktim...a batchmate of mine of CS deptt. ...whom I knew not much till last sem...became a good friend of mine while he borrowed my moped for the first time.The "G" grup going to bring stuff...again it is the vehicle.Atanu comes to me and asks for it...says I will refuel ur moped ....goes toJemua for stuff.At 11:30 P.M....people need more booze...have to go to Mahalaxmi..again it is the lifeline.I think i am not exagerrating a bit...and its sure that this blog would have been written better by those who availed it more than me...cheerz dear!!! Though its no more with me...I miss u sweetheart...hope u r fine whereever u r.

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