Tuesday, 15 April 2008

In an astrological catastrophe..

Thinking of something supernatural always sends a chill down my spine...may not besomething related to ghosts..or for that matter horror movies..say of the likes..'Exhorcist'...or for that matter 'EvilDead'..may be 'Ring' also..but I dont agreeto the proposition that only horror movies can send a chill down the spine...they canonly take away your sleep at night...they can only make u think of facing a bizzare in ur life...they can only make u take the name of Jesus...they can only make u think that there's darkness all around...they can only make u think thats the end of neverit is not so simple.There are bigger horror movies in your own life than the best produced in Hollywood...the outcomes here are gloomier than those potrayed in perhaps the best.An abstract topic which i am dealing with ..isnt it?? am I mad.. I dunno but its which context??...perhaps life..Do u believe in astrology??? I do..ask me why??...I have many answers..its not vague..or dont think all is same as the story.."An astrologer's day" by R.K.Narayan. There's something in it that can define its co-incidences but facts which can be well interpreted.There are some horrifying as well as magical incidents that happen in life which cant be defined by the normal thought process.Do u think it is possible for someone to predict when u will suffer from some sort of skin disease..or when u will have a hay fever...yessss is the answer...not by just a guess but by calculations which are quite scientific and mathematical just like 2+2=4. Leave the big issues of life likejobs and marriage and for that matter death...even people can predict accurately when u will have a backache.But I am here not to establish astrology as a branch of mainstream science...then why am I saying all those find out what makes all these things happen...why do we indulge in a deed(most of the time unknowingly)and then have to repent for the action...who makes these things happen...there's an unseen force ..I do believe..u may or may not...check out in your own lives...I presume most of us would like to re-live our lives in a more methodical and planned way...may be I am wrong for those who are more than just fortunate.

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